The monastery opening hours are 9:00am – 1:00pm every day of the year. Visitors wishing to make food offerings are encouraged to arrive by 10:00am to allow time to prepare food and to then participate in the daily rice offering to the monks. Prior to the meal a blessing is given in appreciation of the donors’ generosity. All are then invited to share in the day’s meal. After helping clean-up, visitors are welcome to return to the Dhamma hall where a senior monk will be available to receive questions relating to Dhamma practice

Please Note:

  • Sangha members (monks and nuns) from other monasteries wishing to visit or attend the dana offering at Buddha Bodhivana Monastery must first receive an invitation from the senior monk, at least 7 days prior to their intended visit.
  • Drones are prohibited in the monastery
  • Taking photos or videos of the monks without their consent is not permitted.
  • During the warmer months snakes may sometimes be seen about the monastery. Please be alert when walking about the grounds and ensure children are always under supervision. 

Please take the time to read the Important Information page prior to visiting