Important Information

Please read the following improtant information prior to your visit. In addition you may wish to read the Monastery Etiquette guide in our Overnight Visits section.


The monastery is a place of residence and retreat for monks. All visitors are required to remain strictly within the public areas of the monastery and not walk into the areas of retreat marked “Private”.


Celibacy and Relationships

In our tradition, monks and nuns lead lives of total celibacy. This includes refraining from suggestive speech or physical contact with lustful intent, both of which are serious offenses against the Vinaya discipline. To avoid this and to prevent gossip or misunderstanding from arising, a monk has to be accompanied by another male whenever he has a meeting with or a private conversation with a woman. Monks and novices are not allowed to have direct physical contact with females and this includes not shaking hands with a female, sitting on the same seat as a female or receiving offered items directly into their hands from a female (the monastic will use a “receiving cloth” to receive any offerings).

Guests and visitors are asked to be sensitive to the proper mode of conduct for men and women within a monastic setting.



All children are welcome to visit the monastery, but the community takes the protection and welfare of children seriously. Children must be closely supervised by a parent at all times during their visit. As the monastery is a place for practicing the Dhamma, parents are responsible to teach their children to respect the peace and quiet of the monastery and not allow them to play noisy games or disturb the public who are attending meditation sessions, Dhamma talks or blessings given by the monks. Children are not allowed to stay overnight in the monastery or attend meditation retreats unless it is a programme specifically organized for children.

Visiting Sangha

Sangha wishing to attend the dana offering, monastery events or stay overnight in the monastery, must first receive an invitation from the senior monk at least 7 days prior to their intended visit.


Visitors are kindly asked to wear appropriate clothing for their visit to the monastery as it is a place of worship and spiritual practice. It is not appropriate for men to wear shorts, vests or walk bare chested in the monastery. Females should avoid wearing shorts, miniskirts, vests or revealing clothing.

Food and Drink

All food and drink items received by the monastery are the property of the monastery and may not be distributed without the permission of the senior monk.

Photography and Videos

Please do not take photos or videos of the monks whilst they are receiving food, eating, teaching or meditating without prior consent.  Please do not take pictures or videos of children in the monastery without their parents’ consent.

Wildlife and Plants

The monastic community undertakes to look after and protect the native plants and wildlife in the monastery. Snakes are not uncommon in the warmer months, so please be vigilant and supervise children. Visitors are prohibited from damaging plants, feeding or disturbing the animals and birds in the monastery grounds. Visitors are discouraged from bringing pets to the monastery and all dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

Lost Property

Due to limited storage facilities, the monastery will only undertake to keep lost property for three days.