“The chanting of suttas and reflections is an established practice going back to the time of the Lord Buddha. When we chant we are developing both calm and insight. We learn to focus the mind on the words and the sound of the chant, making that the object of our mindfulness. It is best if we can memorise the words, but whenever we are chanting, we should also try to do it mindfully and the mind will settle into a state of calm as a result.

“Chanting can be a useful preparation for the practice of meditation. It can also be used to calm the mind down when we are experiencing agitation or anxiety, or to brighten the mind when it is dull. Recitation of the teachings can also give rise to wisdom as we reflect on the meaning of the words. All of the Buddha’s words point to the truth, and sometimes when chanting, insight into the truth can arise right then and there. On other occasions when the mind is peaceful, the words of a chant we have previously recited might manifest within that peaceful state and serve to prompt the arising of insight. At that time, the mind comes to focus on some aspect of Dhamma and we experience freedom from suffering and its causes.”

—Venerable Ajahn Kalyano

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Chanting Guide, Volume 1
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